iReferred makes your sales process automated and gives you a transparent look at your leads.

Your customers will happily refer you to others by giving them a referral fee with our service.


The registration is free, we only charge you on successful transactions. Find the details at the registration form.

What we do

Referral program automation

We automate your integrated referral program by giving you the option to share a referral code of the specific product / service or company with your customer, so you can track which lead belongs to which customer.

  • Generating referral codes
  • Tracking customers
  • Managing leads
  • Calculating commissions

Customer satisfaction

By tracking down your references, we can ensure that your customers get their rewards for the transactions in hard cash or as a coupon code. Also we handle the hassles of the financial administration for you, so you can focus your efforts to growing your business.

  • Payment automation
  • Coupon code management
  • Escrow transactions
  • Automated reports to your inbox
  • Invoicing

Reference integration

We integrate our solution into your landing pages, so every time you get a reference from one of your existing customers, you can automatically set up to register the lead to the referral.

  • API for generating referral codes
  • Detecting source of incoming leads
  • Automating the compensation flow
  • Notifying both parties about the transactions


If you want to expand the sales volume of your product, sign up to iReferred for free, so other people can refer you more easily. Also, you have the benefit of creating a commission based crowd-sales team as your customers turn into your sales-agents.


Are you selling products for other people? Have you ever utilized the power of starting a commission based referral program? Now, we can take it to the next level. Sign up for free as an agent, so your customers can get paid automatically after every successful reference.

How it works

referral program

Giving your customers compensation motivates them to bring you more leads. If you are an agent and your company doesn't know how to run referral programs or as a company you want to do so, sign up to iReferred now for free.


Set up your product to be referenced in your iReferred account with the desirable selling and referral conditions. Add a few of your agents to the system as well, or if you are an agent you can create the program by yourself.

claim your leads

Now, you or your agents can give a referral code to existing customers, so they can advertise your product and get paid doing so. You can recieve and approve the leads in your iReferred account instantly.

About us

Our mission

Our team has decades of experience in selling products to small businesses. We see your problems and know how to break through them effectively. Our mission is to create a worldwide social media driven crowd-sales force to make it possible for startups to cut through the noise. We believe that the word-of-mouth marketing strategy is the most effective of them all. iReferred is meant to help entrepreneurs from small businesses to large enterprises to get their words out and also supports sales agents to get ahead the curve.



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